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We connect you to the best professional trainers and professors in the world. We are here to help you secure outstanding professional training opportunities from some of the most reputable higher-learning institutions on the planet, taught by some of the most distinguished professors in the world.

Eureka GIE’s and CIRPS’ purpose is to offer historically disenfranchised Africans with the right opportunities that will help them reshape the African development narrative by giving them access to scholarships and capacity building programs that make them more competitive in local and international labour markets.


Engineering Geology

The course in Engineering Geology is devoted to train students with the purpose of contributing knowledge and solving engineering and environmental i...
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Rules, Standards, Techniques of the Agri-food Chain in European and Global

In the last decades, along with the globalization of the world economy, food markets have undergone a deep process of internationalization. The chang...
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Sustainability & World Agricultural Heritage Systems

This course aims to promote the common vision, interdisciplinary and integrated approaches towards a more sustainable agriculture that support both e...
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